Ostensibly, I am here, writing on the internet, because I’ve left the country for a bit and will have a hard time keeping all of you (my friends, etc.) up to date on my misadventures, halucinations, oscillations and defenestrations.

 What’s your excuse?

 Not to be disingenuous, I was also interested in starting this thing because:

1. I need to keep writing, and this is an easy way. As I emailed this morning to R.D.: “A sharp tongue is a keen tongue is a wagging tongue, or something.”
2. I’m too lazy to keep a journal by hand.
3. Everybody’s doing it.
4. I got jealous of Maggie.

I don’t really know what kind of attitudes I might portray herein, but you should know that I’m a reasonably nice guy in person. Also, some names may appear as full first names, others as abbreviated letters (see “Maggie” and “R.D.” above). There is no rhyme or reason beyond my own innate sense of discretion. The only reason I am obscuring identities at all is for my own (and maybe your) privacy. I’m stull unsure about the circumference of my intended readership. I should be posting thoughts and/or poetics semi-regularly. Please comment.



~ by jonlib on September 18, 2006.

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