Tough Day

Taught two classes today. I was elated to find out that some hype-ass wordworks poets will be taking over my Detroit workshops when I leave. The adjudicated kids could really come away with some good experiences, new skills and knowledge of themselves. Felt like the Volume class went well, though I might have come off a little crazy with all the mytho-babble. I talk incessantly when nervous. The students wrote good stuff, which is what matters I guess. The Paul Bunyan poem I wrote in class will be up soon. In the meantime, here’s a new poem-in-progress. Don’t take it too seriously, you might pull something.

Met up with my old friend E. tonight. Wanted to say goodbye, give her something I’d written and crafted-up for her (fancy paper + artsy-fartsy decoration using wax thread and a piece of even more fancy paper). Instead, she blindsided me with some jeremiad about the ways in which (basically) I’m a big fat jerk everyone hates. Talk about left field. I feel like I just got bum rushed and stuffed into a locker. Yes, yes, I do know how that feels. Ugh, good time to emigrate.


~ by jonlib on September 14, 2007.

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