Thesaurus Rex, Mean Green and Stevie’s EcoOpera

Linky time!

Writers! Poets! Word-smiths! Nerd-a-lorgs! Check out this unbelievably comprehensive, FREE and downloadable thesaurus for your PC. Finally, my prayers have been answered! No longer am I slave to eye-straining letterpress and the fickle whims of my WiFi receiver! Check out Mobysaurus and rejoice.

Recently, I found this crazy 1979 documentary about how plants have their own consciousness. Its called The Secret Life of Plants and you can watch the full movie here. Stevie Wonder composed a complete funk-till-you-come-down score for this psychedelic back to nature romp, replete with mad scientists, bearded hippies and phallic time-lapse growth footage. Perhaps the perfect film to project over a crowd of ecoportending down-homers gyrating to acid-folk. I hope Arbor Vitae has this in their library…

Finally, if all this optimism has gone to your head, check out for lots of great info about why the enlightened citizenry must rally in favor of a comprehensive carbon tax. Yes, it may sound like shooting yourself in the foot, but if you’ve already begun reducing your carbon footprint then the tax won’t even sting compared to the climactic alternatives. Besides, if you had a rabid petroleum-soaked monkey chewing on your instep, you’d pull the trigger too. Personally, I’d love it if compact fluorescent lightbulbs, hybrid rides and energy-star fridges could save the world, but we must be kidding ourselves if we think that consumer appliance upgrades will allow us to keep living an unsustainable lifestyle, even as the world’s population explodes and its ecological resources implode. We MUST force the government to exert its powers for the greater good. Industries must become more efficient, consumers need to curb their consumption, the agricultural sector must be overhauled and our resource policies must be defended from the corporate cronyism that plagues neoliberal politics. We can make the money work for us, but only if the incentives for renewable energy, organic farming and sustainable development fall into place. For more good information, check out.. well, there’s no shortage of stuff out there. If you’re a verdant Green (organic pun!), go get Hot, Flat and Crowded, Tom Friedman’s new book. I haven’t read it but I heard him lecture at the Technion and I know him to be an accessible writer and potent rhetorician.


~ by jonlib on June 8, 2008.

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