The End of a Good Man

I have just found out that Craig Pollack, educator, naturalist, adventurer, storyteller and mentor, has passed away. Craig leaves behind a loving community of young people whose passion for wilderness he ignited, whose courage and independent spirit he fostered, and who will always look towards the uncharted and unknown with confidence rather than fear. Craig was the product of another time, when the measure of a man was in his character and wit, cool head and steadfastness, and when it was unseemly to ask too many questions. For me, he will always occupy his place of honor at the fire; legs crossed, palms down, and eyes alight in narration or instruction. Now as before, we will think of him each time we weigh a paddle in our hands, watch the first light blush into the northern sky or groan under the weight of boats and burdens greater than ourselves, which we have learned to carry proudly.

Rest in peace Craig, we will miss you.


~ by jonlib on August 8, 2008.

One Response to “The End of a Good Man”

  1. I always saw him and looked up to him as I was going through Camp Ranana a long time ago, He always seemed so wise to me and knowing. I loved his Jeep to. I will miss him even though I did not truly know him.

    R.I.P Craig

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