Prayer for the First Day of Chicago Public School

Check out this plea-cum-indictment posted by Chicago educator and poet Kevin Coval.

Kevin’s article is biting and beautiful. It’s in everyone’s best interest that children are granted access to health, safety, and an education that allows them to rise and give back to their community. If we treat education as a luxury product that we purchase for rich kids and a favor we perform for poor kids, we are only perpetuating a divisive system of class-privilege. Education is not a service we provide to our youth, it is an investment in our continued national prosperity, and that investment will only bear fruit if it is properly diversified.

By the way, anybody fed up with what the candidates are spoon-feeding us? Since when do we get our politics in prose poems and our poetry at partisan conventions? I’m tired of the hackneyed “stories of Americans like you”. We’ve got more than enough ethnographers, demographers, documentarians, journalists and anthropologists in this country. I want a politician to woo me over with legislation, not anecdote. Personality is a construct, but budgets can kill. Tell me where the money will go. Tell me where the law will change.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


~ by jonlib on August 30, 2008.

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