Hot off the griddle

Quickie: Two new poems. One is brand new (Nightmare in Retrospect) and the other (The drawing lesson) is an old poem that just got accepted into the upcoming Voices Israel anthology. Look right –> before crossing.

Nightmare in retrospect came out of a new dream journal project I am working on, and which might turn into a cycle. The journal is working wonders for my recollection. I recently saw the new movie, Phantom Love, by Nina Menkes, which got me going on the dream imagist kick. The movie, a lush series of dream-images, is a near-silent and beautifully shot B&W number whose only drawbacks are the excrutiatingly tedious and boring scenes of the protagonists’ waking life which lend contrast to her interior sensuality. That and the overblown plot element of the psychotic sister. Still, the dutifully and bravely excavated images that Menkes bears before us have the dream-like ability to burrow down into my head and then bloom unexpectedly, even a week later, into my conciousness. When I entered the theater, the show had nearly sold out. By the time the credits rolled, there were only four other people still in the theater. Auteurs and culture snobs: beware of Haifa.


~ by jonlib on November 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hot off the griddle”

  1. sorry to hear about the Haifa response, glad to know that in Tel Aviv and jerusalem it was quite different!!!!
    thanks for taking time to write about PHANTOM
    nina menkes

  2. Nina Hi!

    I certainly wasn’t expecting you (the filmmaker) to reply to my post! I really enjoyed the film and hope to catch more of your work soon. As I’ve lamented before, Haifa is not the culture capital of Israel. It’s a very pragmatic, industrial and relatively conservative city, though not conservative enough to engender vibrant countercultures like those in Jerusalem. People here just don’t get too worked up about anything. I’m glad to hear that Phantom Love struck a chord in TLV and Jerusalem. I was wondering, what is your relationship with Israel?

    Good luck with your next project, and thanks for speaking up!


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