Who Is This Guy?

The doctor is in

Hi. My name is Jon.

I am a sometime grad student, self-styled poet, occasional levantine archaeologist, freelance biologist, nature bum and all around novelty junky. I try to sit and think as often as I can.

I live in Haifa, Israel. I study dissolved organic matter at the Technion. I graduated from the University of Michigan in August of 2006 and have been sort of all over the place since then. May the trend continue.

Occasionally I freelance as an editor/translator, and as a creative writing teacher. Right now I am editing a book on Biblical Archaeology. Sometimes I perform my stuff. If you would like to book a poetry/writing workshop, or a reading/performance, drop me a line.

Check out my take on things, read some poems, leave me your thoughts.

Contact: You know. Or leave a message.

Thanks for visiting.


2 Responses to “Who Is This Guy?”

  1. Hey, Liberjon. Nice poems. Sorry I didn’t make it for the fishing trip. I haven’t forgotten. I’m planning on beating death to it.


  2. Hi! I didn’t have your email…..
    Can you leave the brown envelope at 51 Henriyeta Sold please? My friend will call to arrange collection.
    And I am sorry that I forgot to give you Halva….what a tragedy! Yasmin scooped some of it already.
    Have a good day

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