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7 Responses to “Poems-in-Progress”

  1. You and this Delilah woman, it reads like you had a falling out.

  2. very good post

  3. very good post

  4. […] Poems-in-Progress […]

  5. If I may say Jon, you, as a poet, have exactly the right amount of subtlety. That being said, you spelled iconic wrong.


  6. […] Check out this new poem-in-progress, about the Cuban Crypto-jews that were forced to convert to Catholicism during the inquisition of […]

  7. […] I especially havent had any time to update this blog, but to that effect I will post a new (old) poem in progress called El Maleh Rachamim, which I wrote the night of the terrorist attack on the Mercaz Harav […]

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